Women File Lawsuits for Mirena PID Side Effects

Mirena PID Side Effects

Popular intrauterine device (or IUD) Mirena causes increased risk for pelvic inflammatory disease (PID) in women. Yet, some patients say their doctors failed to warn them about this danger before IUD insertion. As a result, women suffering Mirena PID side effects are suing the device’s maker.

Mirena PID Side Effects

According to information provided by Mirena manufacturer Bayer Healthcare Pharmaceuticals posted on the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s website, women face the highest risk of suffering from PID side effects shortly after insertion. The IUD maker said PID can cause tubal damage, which can lead to other serious side effects such as infertility, a hysterectomy or death. Women with PID often experience symptoms including abdominal or pelvic pain, chills, fever and prolonged heavy bleeding.

Bayer also said women using the Mirena IUD should know about the device and its risk for PID. However, some women say their doctors did mention the possibility for developing IUD complications.

A 27-year-old Tampa resident sued Bayer because she said she was not properly warned of the Mirena side effects. Angela White said she experienced severe cramping and pain a few months after getting her Mirena in 2006. Doctors diagnosed her with PID and ovarian cysts.

FDA Adverse Event Report Database Lists Thousands of IUD Complications

White isn’t alone in her pain and suffering. An investigative report this summer by Detroit ABC affiliate WXYZ found thousands of women have complained of complications from the IUD. Since 2000, the FDA has received 70,072 complaints about the Mirena IUD, the source reported, which included 3,774 complaints about abdominal pain and 1,322 complaints of the IUD perforating the woman’s uterus.

Thousands of complaints against the IUD maker are underway in federal and state courts, according to WXYZ. If you are interested in finding out if you may have a claim, complete your free Mirena case review today.