Three Questions to Ask Your Essure Lawyer

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    If you’re considering having an Essure lawyer file your injury claim, how can you tell if that attorney’s qualified? Television, radio, the Internet, and taxis all feature ads for “Qualified Legal Help” these days. But can you trust those ads? For any injured woman, finding the right Essure lawyer is crucial for winning a cash settlement.

    Why Are Women Filing Essure Lawsuits?

    Over 12,000 women in 2017 alone reported complications to the FDA from faulty Essure implants. What women believed was a permanent, harmless birth control option proved to be anything but. Women suffered both physical and emotional damage from these innocent-looking coils. Possible Essure side effects include:

    • Ectopic pregnancies
    • Stillbirths
    • Miscarriages
    • Internal organ and tissue perforation injuries
    • Puncture wounds
    • Device migration
    • Infections
    • Severe and/or chronic pain
    • Depression

    In fact, most women filing lawsuits claim their doctors never explained these potential Essure dangers before placement.

    And the U.S. Food and Drug Administration agrees the device’s manufacturer failed to properly warn consumers about its dangers. For this reason, the agency released an April 2018 press announcement restricting Essure device sales in the U.S. Only women whose doctors thoroughly educate them about the device’s risks will be able to get it. But since the product’s existed on the U.S. market for 16 years now, this safety order comes too late. That’s why thousands of women are opting to sue Bayer for their injuries, alleging the company knew Essure could be dangerous.

    Three Questions to Ask Your Essure Lawyer During Your Free Consultation

    If you’re meeting an Essure lawyer for your free consultation, do some research first to prepare. Not sure how to tell if this particular attorney’s the right person to represent your case? Below are three questions we recommend you ask your Essure lawyer.

    1. How much time do I have to file my claim before the statute of limitations runs out?

    As with all mass tort lawsuits, time is crucial for filing a valid claim. Once the statute of limitations (set time period) runs out, you will likely lose your chance for compensation. Even if you have serious Essure injuries, missing your window to file could make you ineligible for a cash settlement. Ask your attorney how much time you have to file your claim before moving forward with your case.

    2. What do I need to do in order to prove my Essure claim is valid?

    A qualified Essure lawyer knows what evidence will prove this particular device (not anything else) injured you. In addition, a good lawyer will tell you at the beginning whether or not you have a valid case. This is vital, since the wrong attorney may pursue a case without the necessary evidence. Doing so will just waste time — and could disqualify you from filing a legitimate Essure claim in the future.

    3. How much experience do you have handling mass tort cases like mine?

    Not all claims are equal, and mass tort cases can be notoriously complex. Ask your attorney to share any past experience with mass torts (cases with multiple plaintiffs involved). And don’t be afraid to ask for details about the mass tort cases he or she recently litigated. While mass tort experience isn’t required, it is helpful — especially if you’re racing the clock.

    How to Find a Qualified Essure Lawyer In Your Area

    Not sure how to find a qualified Essure lawyer in your area to help you? Fill out this free claim review form and we’ll match you with a qualified Essure lawyer. First, you’ll answer three questions to establish your claim’s eligibility. Shortly after submitting your information, a qualified attorney will call to discuss your case. This call is completely free, and you’re not obligated to have the same lawyer handle your claim. You can ask questions and get confidential advice on how to get the justice and compensation you deserve.

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