DrugJustice.com’s Most Frequently Asked Questions

DrugJustice Frequently Asked Questions
We get plenty of questions from readers about filing a claim. Here, we’ve compiled the answers to the ones we …

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Top 10 Talc-Free Body and Baby Powder Products

ivc filter migration

IVC Filter Migration: How Does It Happen?

alternatives to Nexium

Alternatives to Nexium and Prilosec for Acid Reflux

talc-free makeup brands

Talc-Free Makeup Brands: We List Our Top 10 Favorites

TVM lawsuit verdict

Breaking: $13.5 Million TVM Lawsuit Verdict in Philadelphia

Mirena side effect

Depression: The Secret Mirena Side Effect Women Suffer


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DrugJustice Frequently Asked Questions

DrugJustice.com’s Most Frequently Asked Questions

free online case review

How Our Free Online Case Review Service Works

why file a lawsuit

Talcum Powder

Mistrial in Baby Powder Case, Despite Asbestos Fibers in J&J Bottle
cancer study

Cancer Study That Cleared Talc Secretly Funded by Johnson & Johnson

cosmetic talc

FDA Funds Cosmetic Talc Study on Ovarian Cancer Risks


Taxotere Chemotherapy Treatment

Taxotere MDL

Judge Orders Taxotere MDL Bellwether Trial Dates, Case Selections


Docetaxel, Taxotere Plaintiffs Make Heartbreaking Lawsuit Claims

Studies: Chemo Patients Using Cool Caps Show 78% Less Hair Loss

Studies: Chemo Patients Using Cool Caps Show 78% Less Hair Loss


IVC Blood Clot Filter

inferior vena cava filter

3 Inferior Vena Cava Filter Trends That Put Patient Safety First

blood clot filters

Blood Clot Filters: Recalls & Reasons Why In Recent Years

clot filters

Clot Filters Cost Patients More Money for No Benefits, Says Study


Hernia Mesh/Physiomesh

hernia mesh lawyer

What an Experienced Hernia Mesh Lawyer Can Do For You

polypropylene mesh for hernia repair
hernia revision

Hernia Revision Surgery: What Are the Risks?


Invokana Blood Sugar Medication

New Diabetes Drug Ertugliflozin Gains FDA Approval

New Invokana Competitor Ertugliflozin Gains FDA Approval

Invokana lawsuits for amputations

New Diabetes Meds, Part 3: Invokana Lawsuits Reveal Hidden Dangers

new diabetes meds

New Diabetes Meds, Part 2: Understanding Side Effect Risks


Top 10 Taxotere Hair Loss Lawsuit FAQs for Breast Cancer Survivors

Taxotere hair loss lawsuit FAQs
Thousands of women are bald or have patchy, thinning hair after using popular breast cancer chemotherapy drug Taxotere. These effects … 0 2888

Study Shows Protein Shot Could Prevent Chemo Hair Loss

chemo hair loss
Cancer comes with some unpleasant side effects — and chemo hair loss is an obvious one others can see. But … 0 1795

Recalled Smith & Nephew Hip Implants Litigation Update

hip implants
Smith & Nephew, a major manufacturer of metal-on-metal hip implants, voluntarily recalled two device systems in November 2016. The company … 0 1226

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Essure Complication Risks Highlighted in Netflix Documentary

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Abilify Weight Gain: Does It Happen to Everyone?

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Taxotere lawsuits

New Jersey Taxotere Lawsuits Consolidated for Faster Hearings

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What Breast Cancer Patients Should Know About Chemo Drug Taxotere

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Talc-Free Makeup Brands: We List Our Top 10 Favorites

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Did J&J Lobbying Group Hide Talc and Cancer Link for Decades?

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Is IVC Filter Placement Right for You? 3 Questions to Ask