Find Out What an Experienced Hernia Mesh Lawyer Can Do For You

hernia mesh lawyer

If you have severe complications from hernia mesh surgery, consider talking to a lawyer. Depending on how serious your injury is, you may qualify for compensation. And an experienced hernia mesh lawyer can get you more money for your injury than you can on your own. For years, hernia mesh manufacturers failed to warn doctors about the dangers these devices pose to patients. And now hernia mesh lawyers are holding them accountable.

Why Should Anyone Talk to a Hernia Mesh Lawyer?

Hernia mesh repairs are common. So common, that over one million hernia repairs a year are conducted in the United States. Any surgery can cause complications, but most serious hernia repair injuries have one thing in common: a mesh implant. These complications range from infection and adhesions to bowel obstructions and organ perforation. All of them involve serious pain and suffering. And many will require revision surgery — which is even riskier than an initial surgery. Hiring a lawyer for your hernia mesh case will ensure you get justice for your personal injury.

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4 Benefits You’ll Get From a Good Hernia Mesh Lawyer

Benefit #1: Compensation for your medical bills

Paying for a failed hernia surgery can add up quickly. Hospital stays, revision surgery, and medication — not to mention time away from work can add up quickly. A good hernia mesh lawyer will get you compensation for your lost wages, hospital bills, and more.

Benefit #2: Potentially win damages for your pain and suffering

Pain and suffering and loss of lifestyle are difficult to monetize. But the right hernia mesh attorney can help you obtain generous compensation for your losses. Without hiring an attorney it can be difficult to get compensated for medical bills — much less any punitive damages.

Benefit #3: You’ll save time tied up in litigation, since similar claims can join active MDLs

The last thing you need to worry about when recovering from a serious injury is legal issues. An attorney will completely take charge of your case, giving you the time you need to recover. They’ll also get your case seen faster. This could be from joining a mass tort or class action case, which are formed when cases have similar complaints. Because hernia mesh manufacturers were negligent, there are thousands of hernia mesh cases that may be comparable to yours. Combining these cases saves time and money.

Benefit #4: You can recoup future medical expenses before you incur them

Even if you can manage the expenses caused by your hernia mesh injury now, that may change. Hernia mesh can cause serious injuries, which may be long-term and irreversible. Getting compensation for your injury could cover complications that you may not even have now.

Questions To Ask a Hernia Mesh Lawyer Before Moving Forward With Your Claim

While an attorney is a good idea, be sure to hire the right hernia mesh lawyer for your particular case. Here are some questions to ask an attorney before you move forward:

  1. Have you handled hernia mesh injuries in the past? If so, what was the outcome of those cases?
  2. Do you have experience with mass tort or class action cases?
  3. How serious does my hernia mesh injury have to be in order to file a case?
  4. What kind of evidence do I need to prove my injuries?

How Patients With Hernia Mesh Injuries May Get Justice and Compensation

If you or a loved one had your hernia repaired with a mesh implant and developed complications afterward, you may qualify for financial compensation. To check your claim’s eligibility for a cash settlement before you file, complete your free claim evaluation now. Once you’ve submitted your information, an experienced hernia mesh lawyer will call to discuss your case. You can then schedule a confidential, in-person meeting to review next steps and possible compensation options.

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