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    Mesothelioma Lawsuit Blames J&J’s Talc Products, Nets $117MM Verdict

    Mesothelioma Lawsuit

    Litigation against global company Johnson & Johnson (J&J) is nothing new. Lawsuits involving their faulty products range from opioids to mouthwash. But one of their most harmful products may seem completely innocent. Talcum powder (marketed as baby powder) thousands of lawsuits. Most of them are from women who say talcum powder gave them ovarian cancer. But a lesser-known talcum powder risk is mesothelioma. For this reason, the second mesothelioma lawsuit against J&J’s talc products is underway.

    Mesothelioma Lawsuit Places the Blame on J&J’s Talc Products

    Stephen Lanzo, III is the plaintiff in a case against J&J. His attorneys filed the complaint in December of 2016, claiming that Lanzo’s use of baby powder caused his disease. While thousands of lawsuits have been filed against J&J for ovarian cancer, Lanzo’s is only the second mesothelioma lawsuit. (J&J won the first mesothelioma trial held in California.)

    While the types of cancer are different, the claims are, in fact, the same. Both assert that J&J’s talcum-powder product “Shower to Shower” contains asbestos. The case sought to determine whether or not the products Lanzo consistently used contained asbestos. And J&J defense attorney’s attempted to disprove that it was their product that caused his disease. They pointed to the fact that Lanzo used to be a smoker and may have had asbestos in his home.

    Lanzo reportedly used J&J powder from birth until 2016. He used two of the large bottles per month. And expert testimony at his trial seems to support the fact that the product did contain asbestos.

    Lanzo’s attorney, Moshe Maimon made the case that J&J knew that the talc in their baby powder contained asbestos. Not only that they sold contaminated products, but that J&J knew and failed to warn consumers. “There was always a little bit left,” states Maimon. “If you try so hard to get it out, it’s because it is there.”

    A New Brunswick jury found J&J as well as its supplier, Imerys Talc, jointly responsible for Lanzo’s mesothelioma diagnosis. Lanzo and his wife won $80 million in punitive as well as $37 million in compensatory damages. In July 2018, a judge upheld the NJ jury’s $117 million verdict once J&J and Imerys filed a joint appeal.

    Mesothelioma Lawsuit Against Colgate-Palmolive Co.

    Colgate-Palmolive Co. recently settled one mesothelioma lawsuit with Pennsylvania resident Carol Schoeniger. She claimed one of their talcum powder products caused her to develop mesothelioma. She states that the company failed to warn her of the risks and dangers of product use. Exposure to “inhalation or ingestion of the asbestos dust,” was the claim. Financial details of the case are not yet public. But the California jury ordered Colgate-Palmolive to pay the woman $13 million.

    What Talcum Powder Consumers Can Do

    If you or a loved one were harmed from using J&J’s baby powder, you’re not alone. Thousands of women have sued the company for its link to their development of ovarian cancer. However, new evidence suggests links to mesothelioma. Fill out your free talcum powder claim review form today to see if you may have a case.

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