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What Is Talcum Powder Used For, and Why Are Women Filing Lawsuits?

Talcum Powder Used

What is talcum powder used for? In a variety of ways: to keep babies fresh and dry, for feminine hygiene, and absorbing sweat in bedridden patients, etc. Baby powder can serve as a deodorant substitute. You can also sprinkle the powder directly onto sheets to keep beds cool. Some women use it on their hair instead of shampooing. You can sprinkle talc into shoes to help dry them out and make them smell fresh. Of course, the powder’s also sprinkled on babies to dry them off and prevent diaper rashes.

Basically, talcum powder is great at absorbing moisture and helping things stay dry. That’s why many women sprinkle the powder in their underwear to help maintain a fresh, clean feeling throughout the day. Despite its many uses, talcum powder is not necessarily safe. Studies have linked talc to ovarian cancer. Despite women not knowing about this possibility, the world’s largest talcum powder distributor, Johnson & Johnson, quietly pulled it off store shelves permanently in May 2020 after 33,000 bottles tested positive for asbestos.

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Risks of Talcum Powder Used for Perineal Dusting

Talc was first linked to ovarian cancer in the 1970s, when researchers examined 13 ovarian tumors and discovered talc particles in 10 of them. Since that time, many studies looking into the relationship between talc and ovarian cancer have found a correlation. Dr. Daniel Cramer of Brigham & Women’s Hospital in Boston conducted a 1982 study comparing women with ovarian cancer to women without cancer. Dr. Cramer discovered women who used talcum powder perineally had a significantly higher cancer risk than women who didn’t use powder.

A different study involving 121,000 women across the U.S. found no significant correlation between talc and ovarian cancer. The only exception was that perineal talc use may moderately increase the risk of invasive serous ovarian cancer.

Women Demanding Compensation Claim Talcum Powder Led to Cancer Diagnosis

Thousands of women are demanding compensation because they used talcum powder without knowing about the ovarian cancer risk. J&J denied any danger from its use and refused to put a warning label on bottles for decades. Yet after a serious beating in the courts over recent years, the company chose to halt talcum powder sales permanently in the U.S. as of May 2020.

More recently, a Missouri jury awarded 22 ovarian cancer plaintiffs $2.12 billion in damages. The verdict came after talcum powder use for decades resulted in ovarian cancer, according to biopsy results submitted into court as evidence. Perhaps most disturbing are expert testimonies in court affirming the presence of asbestos, a known carcinogen, found in multiple bottles submitted for testing by different plaintiffs.

What You Can Do

Regular, long-term perineal talc use can lead to ovarian cancer. If you or someone you love developed cancer after regular talc use, then you may qualify for a cash settlement. Fill out a free talcum powder claim evaluation today. Once you’ve submitted your information, an experienced lawyer working on this case will call to discuss your compensation options. Filing a claim against J&J is the best way to get the justice and compensation you deserve for your cancer diagnosis.

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