New Jersey Taxotere Lawsuits Consolidated for Faster Hearings

    Taxotere lawsuits

    A judge in New Jersey just made things easier for residents filing Taxotere lawsuits. Currently, thousands of federal Taxotere lawsuits against Sanofi await trial in a multidistrict litigation (MDL). Bellwether trials for the Taxotere MDL will begin in fall 2019. How juries rule in those bellwether trials will determine the litigation outcome for all claims under MDL 2740. This process can take months or even years to settle every claim.

    But on July 17, a state court approved a New Jersey multicounty litigation (MCL) to centralize state-based claims. This means New Jersey residents looking to present their cases quickly can join the MCL. Judge James F. Hyland ordered 353 New Jersey Taxotere lawsuits centralized in Middlesex County.

    What Women Considering New Jersey Lawsuits Should Know

    MDLs and MCLs can be pretty confusing — unless you’re a mass tort attorney. But from a legal standpoint, plaintiffs centralizing their New Jersey Taxotere lawsuits under this MCL will benefit greatly. Whenever multiple plaintiffs make similar or identical allegations against the same defendant, they’re often centralized into MDLs (multidistrict litigation). This often happens with Big Pharma lawsuits in particular, with all victims suing a single drug or device manufacturer. Rolling all claims under a single MDL saves money, effort and time for both parties. It speeds up the litigation process for complex cases by centralizing all evidence, discovery and jury response via bellwether trials.

    An MCL spans multiple counties in the same state, versus many different districts across the country. Having your state’s judiciary system rule on similar cases from other residents is another primary advantage. Since fewer plaintiffs filed Taxotere lawsuits in New Jersey than at the national level, their cases get heard much faster. The Taxotere MDL bellwether trials require plaintiffs to testify in a Louisiana courtroom. For New Jersey plaintiffs with Taxotere lawsuits, joining the MCL means less time traveling and away from family. Staying close to home during the trial process is cheaper and less stressful.

    Taxotere Lawsuits Have Limited Time to Join New Jersey MCL

    While it’s smart to join the New Jersey MCL, women must file their Taxotere lawsuits before time runs out. The initial case management conference is set for October 4, 2018. You can file your claim and join the MCL until Judge Hyland orders cases for bellwether trial selections. But once the New Jersey litigation process is underway, the federal MDL becomes your only option.

    If you live in New Jersey and suffered long-term hair loss after finishing Taxotere chemotherapy, you may qualify for compensation. To check your claim’s eligibility for a cash settlement before you file, complete your free Taxotere case evaluation now. You’ll answer just three questions to confirm eligibility and see your results online in less than two minutes. Once you’ve submitted your information, an experienced attorney will call to discuss your case. This free, no-obligation claim evaluation is your first step towards getting the justice and financial compensation you deserve.

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