How a Taxotere Lawyer Can Help Permanent Hair Loss Victims

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    Permanent alopecia is one possible Taxotere side effect that affects cancer survivors on both an emotional and physical level. Depression and anxiety are common with Taxotere permanent hair loss, but skin conditions and sun damage are also contributing factors. That’s why women with permanent baldness need a Taxotere lawyer to file their claim against the drug’s manufacturer, Sanofi-Aventis. It’s the best way to hold this drug manufacturer accountable for failing to warn patients about this potentially disfiguring — and permanent — side effect.

    Women File Failure to Warn Lawsuits Against Taxotere and Docetaxel’s Manufacturer, Sanofi

    The French drug maker failed to warn patients that generic docetaxel and Taxotere can cause permanent baldness in certain patients. And for years, evidence from clinical studies showed only Taxotere could cause permanent alopecia — unlike its closest chemo competitor, Taxol. However, it’s nearly impossible to pursue legal action on your own against an international pharmaceutical company like Sanofi. You’ll need an experienced Taxotere lawyer to get justice and any meaningful compensation for your hair loss, pain and suffering.

    Three Benefits A Taxotere Lawyer Can Offer You

    1. A Taxotere lawyer can add your claim to MDL 2740 before bellwether trials begin this fall

    Filing your claim as soon as possible makes you more likely to take part in any Taxotere MDL settlements. Taxotere MDL 2740 includes women filing claims against Sanofi for permanent hair loss from chemotherapy with generic docetaxel. The MDL is heading to trial this September, but an experienced Taxotere lawyer can help you join the MDL before it’s too late.

    2. An attorney can determine whether you took Taxotere or generic docetaxel, even if you can’t remember yourself

    A qualified Taxotere lawyer can help you file a claim even if your doctor gave you generic Taxotere, which is called docetaxel. It’s rare for judges to approve generic drugs for mass tort cases, but it’s already approved in this specific case.

    3. An experienced Taxotere lawyer will fight to get you the full amount of damages that your individual case deserves

    Permanent alopecia does not stop at physical hair loss; it can also lead to psychological and emotional damages. Yours may include medical costs, lost wages and earning potential as well as pain and suffering. Permanent disfigurement damages and punitive damages (in some cases) are also possible. A Taxotere lawyer can help alopecia victims potentially secure a significant settlement because Sanofi failed to disclose this potential side effect to American cancer patients.

    How Long Does Your Taxotere Lawyer Have to File Your Claim?

    The sooner you file your Taxotere claim, the better! You must beat the statute of limitations to qualify for any significant cash settlement from Sanofi. If you don’t file your claim before the deadline expires, your chance to sue Sanofi for damages expires permanently.

    Right now, the first Taxotere bellwether trial has a September 2018 court date. If possible, get your Taxotere lawyer to file your claim before that trial begins. Otherwise, you may miss your chance to join the Taxotere MDL and receive a cash settlement reserved for class members. Legal experts predict that some cases will settle before the first trial starts this fall. That’s partly because the judge presiding over these cases already established settlement committees to start negotiations. Judge Kurt D. Engelhardt appointed two settlement committees before Taxotere bellwether trials begin this fall. It’s an unusual move to appoint settlement committees — especially before discovery proceedings are underway.

    In other recent news, the Taxotere MDL assigned a new judge to preside over the Taxotere MDL. Honorable Jane Triche Milazzo took Judge Kurt D. Engelhardt’s place, and her appointment could prove helpful. A female judge presiding over cases that primarily involve women could potentially have a different perspective on the emotional toll that permanent alopecia takes on plaintiffs.

    We Can Match You With A Qualified Taxotere Lawyer Today

    If Taxotere chemo left you with anything less than full hair regrowth for six months or more after finishing chemo, you may have a claim. Sanofi, the drug’s manufacturer, specifically didn’t warn U.S. patients about this risk for 10 years. However, the company did warn patients in other countries that permanent baldness was one possible Taxotere side effect. Don’t American cancer patients deserve the same full disclosure from drug companies that other countries got automatically? To see if you may qualify for compensation, fill out your free Taxotere case review form today. You’ll answer just three short questions and see your results online in less than two minutes. Once you’ve submitted your information, an experienced Taxotere lawyer will call to help you get the justice and compensation you deserve.

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