Taxotere Claims May Join Growing New Jersey MCL Litigation Trend


    Thousands of women with lasting, chemo-induced hair loss began filing Taxotere lawsuits in 2016. Sanofi-Aventis manufactures and sells this chemotherapy drug, which is linked to persistent alopecia (long-term hair loss). Studies show as many as 10%-15% of patients suffer permanent hair loss after completing breast cancer chemotherapy with this drug. Because it’s very common, this side effect (which Sanofi did not warn U.S. patients about until 2016) now affects thousands. Now, a few hundred chemo hair loss lawsuits filed in state courts nationwide are heading to a new home.

    Request to Consolidate Taxotere Claims Under New Jersey MCL

    The New Jersey state court system asked the bar for feedback on establishing a multi-county litigation (MCL) in April 2018. Right now, there are 353 pending cases in New Jersey against Sanofi-Aventis, and all plaintiffs allege product liability and fraud. Since all claims are quite similar, plaintiffs’ lawyers want to centralize them under an MCL. (MCL litigation works just like an MDL does, but for state, not federal claims.) If approved, the New Jersey MCL can save time and money for both parties in litigation.

    What Makes Multi-County Litigation Different From Federal MDLs?

    This MCL differs from the currently established Taxotere MDL for a few reasons. First, it only applies to women who filed their claims in New Jersey state courts. Since Sanofi’s U.S. office is also located in New Jersey, it requires all state claim litigation to take place there. This is extremely beneficial for New Jersey residents, since the MDL is in Louisiana’s Eastern District Court. Any plaintiffs not living in or near the MDL’s assigned courtroom location would have to travel in order to testify. This is often extremely expensive and inconvenient — even if it is only temporary.

    How a Taxotere MCL Could Benefit New Jersey Plaintiffs

    Additionally, a Taxotere MCL could improve the chances that plaintiffs will reach a settlement with Sanofi and get paid faster. That’s because any judge presiding over a proposed Taxotere MCL will have a lot fewer cases to decide. Plus, it will still achieve the centralization that an MDL provides while federal and state claims remain separate. A Taxotere MCL may increase efficiency and consistency throughout the discovery process with hundreds (not thousands) of claims to review. It could also improve evidence coordination while working the Lousiana-based MDL 2740 legal teams.

    Any New Jersey women that haven’t joined the Taxotere MDL now have more time to file lawsuit claims against Sanofi. Gathering medical records and convincing evidence to support your failure to warn claim may take some time. With an approved New Jersey MCL, women who feel permanently disfigured from Taxotere hair loss may still qualify for compensation. The state-court filing will obviously be much smaller, and potentially move faster than the MDL’s current trial schedule.

    Today, the federal court system holds almost 8,000 pending Taxotere lawsuits. Most claims against Sanofi are now consolidated under MDL 2740. However, more than 350 involve lawsuits from New Jersey residents. With so many New Jersey plaintiffs, this Taxotere MCL could help them get the justice and compensation they deserve faster.

    How Lasting Chemo Hair Loss May Qualify You for a Cash Settlement

    If you or a loved one experienced permanent hair loss after finishing Taxotere chemo treatment, you may qualify for compensation. Despite clinical evidence that this drug can cause persistent alopecia, Sanofi failed to warn patients in America about its possible dangers. Sanofi knowingly exposed millions of U.S. patients to this disfiguring side effect, most likely for financial gain. Filing a claim will bring Sanofi to justice for the damages they caused and potentially protect future breast cancer patients.

    To check your eligibility for a Taxotere cash settlement, complete your free claim evaluation form today. You’ll answer three short questions to confirm eligibility, then see your evaluation results instantly online. Once you’ve submitted your information, an experienced lawyer will call to discuss your case and possible compensation options.

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