Zofran Birth Defects: Structural Defects vs. Functional Defects

    Zofran birth defect

    Increasingly, Zofran lawsuits have parents worried their own baby will have a Zofran birth defect. Birth defects are the leading cause of infant mortality during the first year of life. All birth defects include some type of physical or mental disability, and some are worse than others. Some birth defects are entirely preventable, either through choices the mother made during pregnancy or environmental factors. Other defects are due to genetic or chromosomal disorders. There are two main types of birth defects: structural and functional. A baby with a Zofran birth defect can display either type.

    Structural Zofran Birth Defect Signs

    Structural birth defects relate to malfunctioning or problematic body parts. Among the most common structural birth defects are:

    • Cleft palate
    • Cleft lip
    • Heart defects
    • Abnormal limbs
    • Problems with growth and development of brain
    • Neural tube defects (including spina bifida)
    • Spinal cord malformations

    Functional Birth Defect Issues

    Functional birth defects relate to a body system or specific part’s functionality. These functional problems may include:

    • Nervous system or brain problems
    • Metabolic disorders
    • Degenerative disorders
    • Sensory problems

    Preventative Measures

    Nothing can definitively prevent birth defects (due to chromosomal or genetic disorders). However, there are are a few things expectant mothers can do to help avoid them.

    1. Taking 400 mcg of folic acid daily can significantly decrease major birth defect risks (including spina bifida and anencephaly). This is especially true during the first trimester.
    2. See a healthcare professional regularly during vital periods of your child’s development.

    A mother’s healthy lifestyle may also offset certain risks:

    1. Eating the right food aids your growing child’s development. Birth defects can be somewhat minimized with a healthy lifestyle.
    2. Keep your weight under control. Obesity increases the risk of serious birth defects.

    Harmful Substances

    Harmful substances are incredibly damaging to our bodies. Those negative effects become magnified through prenatal exposure. These substances include recreational drug use as well as common prescriptions and medications women may take every day. Talk to your doctor about every medication and supplement you take to ensure your growing baby’s safety.

    1. Avoid alcohol, cigarettes, and other harmful substances completely during pregnancy. There’s no safe time to drink alcohol while pregnant. Alcohol intake is significantly linked to serious birth defects, including physical, developmental, and behavioral disabilities. Birth defect risks increase when expectant mothers drink alcohol or smoke cigarettes.
    2. Harmful substances may also include medications. While there are some known “safe” medications for pregnancy, many are known to cause serious birth defects.

    Until recently, Zofran was deemed “safe” by medical providers for treating severe morning sickness. Now, the drug’s shown to increase risk of severe birth defects and maternal injuries. Pregnant women who used Zofran report babies born with defects like cleft palates and lips, club feet, craniosyntosis, and heart defects.

    Filing Your Own Zofran Birth Defect Lawsuit

    If you or a loved one took Zofran while pregnant and had a child born with a Zofran birth defect, you may have a case. Complete your free Zofran case evaluation form today to see if you may qualify for compensation. An experienced product liability lawyer will review your claim and call to discuss your case.

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