Clomid, Zofran

    Zofran, Clomid Birth Defects: Infographic Details Pharma Dangers

    zofran and clomid birth defects

    Recent developments in Clomid birth defects injury claims highlight significant problems with the healthcare options available to women. Women are the victims of many pharmaceutical companies’ errors and false marketing. And it’s women who are on the receiving end far more than men; other than recent low t lawsuits, men are not directly impacted by a specific device or drug. But women face trouble with an entire list of drugs and devices:

    • Clomid causing birth defects if taken after getting pregnant
    • SSRIs causing birth defects when women are pregnant
    • Zofran prescribed off label during pregnancy to curb nausea
    • IUDs and birth control devices that wreak havoc on the body
    • Yaz and other drospirenone-containing drugs that cause blood clots
    • Transvaginal mesh lawsuits for more than 70,000 women who have endure excruciating pain

    And the list goes on. We’ve developed an infographic here to take a look specifically at the birth defects that have resulted from ill-advised, under-research drug usage during pregnancy. Get the facts and figures here:

    Birth Defects And the Pharmaceutical Drugs We Depend On

    If Your Child Suffers Clomid Birth Defects

    Women need to be aware of the potential dangers involved in the drugs that they are taking. In too many cases, they are taking medication without understanding the risks that they pose. If you are taking any of these medications by order of a healthcare professional, we strongly recommend that you do not stop taking your medication or change anything about your schedule until you have had a detailed discussion with your healthcare provider.

    If you have a child born with birth injuries after you took Clomid or other medications during pregnancy, you may be eligible to file an injury claim against the drug manufacturer. You can see if you qualify to make an injury claim today so that you can get on the path to finally receiving peace of mind.

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