How to File an Essure Claim

Essure claimFor many women, the Essure permanent birth control implant is a no-brainer. The device’s manufacturer, Bayer, touted Essure as safe and 100% effective in preventing pregnancy. Further, the Essure sterilization procedure is supposedly less invasive than tying the fallopian tubes. The Food and Drug Administration approved Essure in 2002, even though Bayer didn’t conduct any longitudinal safety and efficacy studies. As a result, thousands of women experienced serious and even life-threatening Essure complications. So if Essure’s faulty design hurt you or someone you love, you may be eligible for financial compensation from the manufacturer. Bayer faces multiple lawsuits from women seeking the justice they deserve. We’ll explain everything you need to know about filing your own Essure claim below.

What To Do If You Experience Complications From Essure

If you have complications from Essure permanent birth control, visit a medical professional immediately for an exam and treatment. Your healthcare provider can tell if you’re experiencing Essure health issues or symptoms unrelated to your implanted birth control coils. If they’re related and you have serious Essure complications, you may qualify for compensation from Bayer. While Bayer marketed Essure as a safe, effective permanent birth control option, medical safety and efficacy studies may disagree.

Filing an Essure Claim Against Bayer for Negligence vs. Product Liability

Essure claim filings against Bayer are increasing across the country. However, most Essure lawsuits filed to date aren’t product liability lawsuits. Instead, many plaintiffs accuse Bayer of negligence, citing the company’s failure to warn consumers about potential Essure risks. For many women, seeking justice through litigation is the only way to recover medical expenses incurred due to Essure complications. Others want to send a message about patient responsibility and prevent Essure from harming more women in the future.

The standing allegations against Bayer currently include:

  • Manufacturing Essure for three years without a license
  • Failure to report adverse events as well as concealing them in pre-market studies
  • Failure to complete an Essure long-term risk analysis
  • Not reporting bowel perforation, broken coils, or migration incidents
  • Negligently distributing and marketing Essure to consumers
  • Failure to train doctors on proper Essure use and insertion techniques

Seek Legal Counsel Before Filing Your Essure Claim

If you experienced serious Essure side effects such as ectopic pregnancy, device perforation, puncture, migration, or infection, act now. A qualified legal professional can help you file an Essure claim and seek justice as well as financial compensation. Speak with an attorney with experience handling medical device injury cases before filing your Essure claim. An attorney can help you gather necessary evidence and expert opinions in order to support your case.

A Brief Essure Claim History

The FDA received over 5,000 adverse event reports since Essure’s pre-market approval in 2002. The reports detail serious permanent birth control implant complications, including device perforation, migration, ectopic pregnancy, allergic reactions, and autoimmune diseases. In January 2015, women with Essure birth control coils created a petition asking the FDA to issue a device recall. Then in July 2014, Essure claims started flooding into court dockets. While no cases have been settled yet, thousands of Essure claims against Bayer for negligence are now in active litigation.

To see if you may have an eligible case, fill out your free Essure evaluation form today. An experienced attorney will review your information and contact you to discuss next steps in getting the justice and compensation you deserve.

Check eligibility for compensation.

If you or a loved one developed severe complications while implanted with Essure permanent birth control, you may be entitled to compensation from the manufacturer. Request your free case evaluation now to see if you may qualify.