How to File an Invokana Injury Claim

    Filing an Invokana injury claimIf you or a loved one developed serious health complications while taking Invokana™, you may qualify for compensation. Since 2013, the FDA received hundreds of adverse event reports from type 2 diabetes patients taking SGLT2 inhibitors. In May 2015, the FDA issued an updated warning about Invokana’s increased risk for diabetic ketoacidosis (DKA). Ketoacidosis, although rare in type 2 diabetics, is a condition that occurs when blood becomes too acidic. The FDA’s communication also warns about serious urinary tract infections while taking SGLT2 inhibitors. Still others with leg, foot and toe amputations are now eligible to file an Invokana injury claim. Between March 2013 and June 2014, 20 patients were hospitalized for DKA, according to the FDA’s Adverse Events Reporting System.

    Plaintiffs now filing an Invokana claim accuse drug manunfacturer Johnson & Johnson and its subsidiary company, Janssen Pharmaceuticals, of:

    • Failing to properly warn consumers and doctors about serious side effect risks while taking SGLT2 inhibitors
    • Negligence
    • Knowingly marketing a defective drug

    New Jersey MDL Centralizes Every Pending Invokana Injury Claim

    Medical studies show increased risk for ketoacidosis while taking any SGLT2 inhibitor. However, no direct causal link between Invokana and diabetic ketoacidosis yet exists. Clinical safety trials consistently show increased rate of fungal infections, urinary tract infections and cardiovascular risks with SGLT2 inhibitor use. Two years after her diabetic ketoacidosis hospitalization, Jennifer Anzo filed the first Invokana injury claim in October 2015. In addition to ketoacidosis, plaintiffs are suing Janssen for kidney damage, heart attack, stroke, toe or leg amputation and death.

    The U.S. judicial panel on multidistrict litigation ordered all Invokana cases consolidated into a single MDL in December 2016. This class action litigation only applies to those filing an Invokana injury claim. The panel excluded cases involving similar SGLT2 inhibitor drugs, such as Jardiance®, Xigduo XR and Farxiga®, from MDL 2750. In January 2017, the MDL added 100 new cases. Plaintiffs filed 800 SGLT2 inhibitor injury lawsuits nationwide since 2013. To date, no judge has selected bellwether cases from the class action group for trial.

    Find the Right Lawyer Before You File an Invokana Injury Claim

    If either you or someone you love suffered life-threatening side effects while taking Invokana, you may have a case. Before filing your Invokana injury claim, get your free case review instantly online. An attorney will review your information and then contact you discuss your case. An experienced attorney can quickly determine whether your Invokana injury claim may qualify for financial compensation. Thorough diagnosis and treatment records from your doctor can help substantiate your case against Janssen.

    Check eligibility for compensation.

    If you or a loved one suffered from serious health complications or even death while taking Invokana, you may be entitled to compensation from the manufacturer. Request your free case evaluation now to see if you may qualify.

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