How to File a Tasigna Claim

    Tasigna claimIf you have Philadelphia chromosome-positive chronic myeloid leukemia (Ph+ CML), your oncologist may prescribe Tasigna (nilotinib) to treat your blood cancer. Unfortunately, some patients taking the popular tyrosine kinase inhibitor (TKI) experience serious Tasigna side effects, including vascular adverse events (VAEs). These events include severe peripheral artery disease, coronary artery disease, stroke, heart attacks and even sudden death. If you experienced serious heart problems while taking this drug, you can get justice by filing a Tasigna claim.

    Current Tasigna Claim Allegations Include Negligence, Failure to Warn

    The Lauris family’s 2016 Tasigna lawsuit alleges manufacturer Novartis AG failed to warn consumers about the drug’s known cardiovascular risks. Although clinical studies indicate Tasigna causes atherosclerosis (thus leading to VAEs), the Swiss manufacturer failed to list this side effect. This is especially negligent since Novartis did provide information about Tasigna’s potential heart dangers to Canada’s health agency in 2013.

    Plaintiffs with serious injuries or life-threatening condition caused by undisclosed drug side effects deserve justice as well as financial compensation. Any Tasigna claim that results in a cash settlement can help defray the plaintiff’s medical costs and hold Novartis accountable. Because most atherosclerosis-related conditions are irreversible and can be fatal, victims’ families may also file a wrongful death Tasigna claim.

    See If You May Qualify Online Before Filing Your Tasigna Claim

    To see if you may be entitled to a cash settlement, click the button below now to get your free Tasigna case evaluation. You’ll answer just a few quick questions to determine your claim’s eligibility within minutes.

    After submitting your Tasigna claim evaluation form online, an experienced attorney will call you to discuss your case. An attorney can file all paperwork needed to support your Tasigna claim and fight Novartis’ lawyers to get you justice. You may need to provide medical records and/or testify if your Tasigna claim eventually goes to trial. However, having contingency-based legal representation could also motivate Novartis to try and settle your Tasigna claim confidentially out of court.

    Send Novartis A Message: Put Patient Safety Above Company Profits

    Holding drug manufacturers responsible for patient injuries is important for several reasons that don’t involve money. Yes, filing a Tasigna claim may result in compensation for your injury-related expenses, but it also holds Novartis AG accountable. Within the pharmaceutical drug industry, intentional misconduct can run rampant — and Novartis is no exception.

    In 2015, Novartis paid $390 million to settle illegal marketing and kickback scheme allegations from the U.S. Department of Justice. According to Justice Department officials, Novartis paid specialty pharmacies illegal kickbacks in exchange for inducing patients to refill prescriptions for several different medications, including Tasigna. (This alleged kickback scheme violated the False Claims Act by having specialty pharmacies explicitly target unsuspecting Medicaid and Medicare patients.) Injured patients should hold drug manufacturers responsible for illegal marketing practices. In fact, filing a Tasigna claim now encourages transparency among drug manufacturers and even save some people’s lives going forward.

    Check eligibility for compensation.

    If you or a loved one experienced heart failure, coronary artery disease or strokes while taking Tasigna, you may be entitled to compensation from the manufacturer. Request your free case evaluation now to see if you may qualify.

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