Zika Virus vs. Clomid Fertility Drug – Which Is Worse?

    clomid fertility drug

    Mothers across the country are concerned about Zika — especially in hot, humid southern states. Due to the microcephaly outbreak in South America, the Caribbean, and Mexico make Zika a hot conversation topic. But there’s another widespread microcephaly and birth defect source that’s much more likely to harm a child in utero: the Clomid fertility drug. When mothers take Clomid during the initial phases of fetal development, birth defects can skyrocket.

    Compare the Zika virus and Clomid fertility drug below to better understand the severity of this epidemic.

    Clomid Fertility Drug vs. Zika Virus

    The Zika virusis causing widespread panic among women everywhere. It’s heightened among pregnant populations in South America, where the most concentrated virus outbreak exists. The virus can spread from a pregnant woman to her fetus and cause birth defects, like microcephaly.

    The Zika outbreak initially began in May 2015, primarily in Brazil. Hundreds of babies were born with congenital microcephaly (a birth defect wherein the baby’s head is much smaller than expected). No cure currently exists. As a result, officials warn pregnant women to avoid traveling through Zika-infected areas. Travelers must follow strict mosquito bite prevention protocols to avoid spreading the virus. Early infection signs include itchiness, fever, and joint pain.

    Zika is primarily a geography-based threat causing panic among pregnant women. However, an FDA-approved drug’s causing the same serious birth defect (microcephaly) within the United States. Clomid is a non-steroidal fertility drug that causes the pituitary gland to release hormones that stimulate ovulation. While pregnant women should avoid using Clomid, self-dosing as well as a lack of doctor supervision is rampant. Many women who don’t yet know they’re pregnant unknowingly take Clomid. As a result, the fetus is exposed to birth defect risks such as microcephaly.

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