Deadlines to File Your Medical Injury Claim In Every State

    deadlines for filing claims by state

    If you experience a medical injury, when is the deadline to claim a cash settlement? In fact, it’s probably the #1 question we get on But in reality, the answer depends on where you live. State law determines what deadlines (also known as the “Statute of Limitations”) apply for medical injury claims. In addition, most cases involving drugs, medical devices and harmful products are called “product liability” claims. Below, we’ve listed product liability filing deadlines for every U.S. state.

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    States With 1-Year Deadlines to File Medical Injury Claims

    Once you experience an injury, you have one year to file claims in:

    • Georgia (only applies for claims filed on deceased person’s behalf and must occur within 1 year from date of death)
    • Kentucky (must file claim either within 5 years from purchase date or eight years from product’s manufacture date)
    • Louisiana
    • Tennessee (must file claim either within 10 years of purchase/use date or 1 year after use-by date expires)

    States With 2-Year Deadlines to File Medical Injury Claims

    You have two years from your injury date to file claims in:

    • Alabama
    • Alaska
    • Arizona
    • Colorado
    • Delaware (However, breach of warranty claims only are valid up to 4 years after injury occurs)
    • Georgia (Exception: SOL is one year from the date of death for claims filed on a deceased person’s behalf. In addition, you must file within 10 years after product purchase date, which may affect both deadlines.)
    • Hawaii (deadlines for breach of warranty claims only are 4 years)
    • Idaho (must file either within 10 years or after product’s use-by date)
    • Iowa (must file within 15 years or before product’s warranty expires, whichever is longer)
    • Illinois (must file within 10 years from purchase date)
    • Indiana (must file within 10 years from purchase date)
    • Kansas (must file either within 10 years of purchase or product’s use-by date expires)
    • New Jersey
    • Ohio (must file within 10 years after purchasing product, unless the warranty’s longer)
    • Oklahoma
    • Oregon (must file within 10 years of purchase date; in addition, 3-year deadlines from date of death apply only to wrongful death claims)
    • Pennsylvania
    • Texas (must file within 15 years after purchase date)
    • Utah
    • Virginia
    • West Virginia

    States With 3-Year Deadlines to File Medical Injury Claims

    You have three years to file a medical injury claim in:

    • Arkansas
    • Connecticut (must file claim within 10 years after purchase date unless warranty covers longer period)
    • District of Columbia/Washington, D.C.
    • Maryland
    • Massachusetts
    • Michigan
    • Mississippi
    • Montana
    • New Hampshire
    • New Mexico
    • New York
    • North Carolina (must file within 12 years after product purchase)
    • Rhode Island
    • South Carolina
    • South Dakota
    • Vermont
    • Washington (must file within 12 years of product purchase date)
    • Wisconsin (must file within 15 years from product manufacture date)

    States With 4-Year Deadlines to File Medical Injury Claims

    • Florida (must file within 12 years of purchase for products with 10-year shelf lives; but if shelf life’s longer, you must file within 20 years of purchase)
    • Minnesota (Exception: Deadlines extend to 6 years for negligence-based claims only)
    • Nebraska (must file within 10 years of manufacture date)
    • Nevada
    • Wyoming

    States With Filing Deadlines 5-6 Years After Your Injury Date

    If you live in a state listed below, then congratulations! These states have the longest deadlines to file medical injury claims:

    • Maine 6 years
    • Missouri5 years
    • North Dakota6 years

    Why Are There So Many Deadline Exceptions Listed In Some States?

    While we listed the filing deadlines for product injury claims in every state, it doesn’t stop there. Medical injury cases can include several different claim types, such as:

    • Negligence
    • Product liability
    • Failure to warn
    • Breach of warranty

    In fact, some states have specific deadlines for each claim type shown above. Other states have blanket filing deadlines for all injury claims. What’s more, these statute of limitation deadlines can change at any time. As a result, you should speak with a lawyer to learn which deadlines apply to you.

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