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    You might think, “I’m not sure if I want to talk to an attorney.” But if you have health complications from a harmful drug, product or medical device, then you probably should. That’s because an experienced attorney is step one towards getting the justice and financial compensation you deserve. Not sure how to find an attorney to help you? That’s where DrugJustice comes in.

    How DrugJustice Matches You With An Experienced Attorney In Your Area

    You’ve probably seen the “free case review” buttons and forms all over our website. This is the fastest, easiest way to connect with an experienced lawyer in your area. Here’s what to expect while filling out our form:

    1. Answer a few brief eligibility questions (3-4 at most) to pre-qualify your case.We always ask whether you already have a lawyer handling your claim. This is important, because we don’t want to match you with an attorney if you already signed a retainer. The other questions ask about your experience with the drug, product or device that harmed you. These might include side effects, injury dates, when the incident happened to you, etc.
    2. Enter your basic contact information (including the best phone number for your matched attorney to call). People often ask why we need their phone number, email address and zip code. We use your zip code to match you with the closest attorney with experience handling cases like yours. Once matched, we email you the firm name, address and phone number where that lawyer works. Lastly, we contact the attorney to say you’re requesting a free consultation about your case. We need your phone number so your matched attorney can call you. You can also set up an in-person confidential appointment during that call free of charge!
    3. Describe your injuries, side effects or health problems you believe came from a particular drug, medical device or product. We ask this so the attorney can get an idea what your case might entail. If you’re a diabetic who lost a foot after taking Invokana, an in-person appointment might be too difficult for you. So, the attorney might set up a Skype call for your first meeting instead.

    Your Free Consultation: What to Expect

    Maybe you’ve never talked to a lawyer before and have no idea what to expect. You may feel nervous or scared. How can you be sure this lawyer’s the right person to handle your case? First, rest assured that you don’t have to use the attorney we match you with or even file a claim. The attorney matching service is completely free and won’t obligate you to do anything, legally or financially. If you decide you’re not interested in moving forward with your case after your free phone call, that’s fine! You never have to speak with that lawyer again. (However, filing a claim is the only way to get money back you already spent dealing with your unexpected health complications.)

    Below are a few helpful questions to ask during your free consultation. Hopefully, the answers will help you decide if this is the right attorney to handle your claim.

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    1. What evidence best proves my claim qualifies for a cash settlement?

    This is the number-one question we hear: Do I qualify, and for how much money? The truth is, nobody can answer that honestly except a judge. But the lawyer should know exactly what makes your case valid and how to prove it in court.

    2. How much experience do you already have handling cases like mine?

    You want to secure a lawyer who’s already represented cases like yours, if possible. Since every case is different, ask for any recent litigation details the lawyer’s willing to share with you. How many cases like yours has the lawyer already won or lost?

    3. When will I run out of time to file my claim?

    Every state has its own unique deadlines for filing medical injury claims. This deadline’s called the “statute of limitations,” and it varies depending on where you live. Wait too long to file a claim, and you won’t qualify for any settlement money. In addition, you’ll need time to gather medical evidence, like doctor’s bills, lab results, x-rays, etc.

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    4. How much is your standard fee agreement?

    Every lawyer has new clients sign a fee agreement and retainer before starting work on their case. This is a standard legal practice and ensures that attorneys get paid for all the work they put in. And since these lawyers work on contingency, you won’t pay any fees right now to file your claim. Instead, you’ll sign a fee agreement that promises a certain percentage of your settlement money will go to that lawyer. Every case is different, so there’s no standard charge, percentage or amount that applies for paying your lawyer.

    5. If I do decide to move forward with my case, what happens next?

    Tell the lawyer you want to know a timeline and next steps to prepare yourself for litigation. What’s the timeline to prepare for a typical case like yours? Which documents will the lawyer need from you, and when? Will you have to testify in court, or not? How will this attorney calculate your damages? An experienced attorney should have no trouble answering these questions!

    Remember: Deciding to move forward with your case is entirely up to you. We simply connect you with a nearby attorney willing to review your case for free.

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