Over-Medicated: Prescription Drugs in America

    Prescription drugs in America

    Americans take a lot medication. Significantly, Americans take even more prescription drugs every year. In 2013, the Mayo Clinic reported that “nearly 70% of Americans are on at least one prescription drug, and more than half take two.” Here’s another troubling stat about prescription drugs in America: 20% of patients are on five or more prescriptions.

    Infographic: Prescription Drugs in America

    To learn additional statistics about prescription drugs, check out our infographic below. It’s a quick way to see if you’re among those suffering from prescription medication side effects.

    Many Americans are lucky to have ready access to critical medication. New drugs hit the market at a regular pace, while doctors prescribe medications based on FDA-approved indications. In most cases, insurance covers the high cost of prescription drugs in America.

    Why So Many Prescription Drugs In America Are In Litigation

    Unfortunately, some prescription drugs in America come with unforeseen costs. Newer medications may come with currently unknown long-term complications, which can take years to diagnose. In fact, studies may take decade or more to fully understand all possible side effects. For many prescription drugs in America, manufacturers follow all safety procedures the public’s aware of any potential dangers. Other drugs, however, have either not been properly vetted, or the manufacturer has intentionally withheld or illegally marketed. Consumers who have suffered injuries from these drugs are suing to recuperate medical expenses, but they aren’t suing just because they’ve been injured: they’re suing because the manufacturers didn’t provide critical information.

    What You Can Do

    If you have injuries from prescription drugs or defective medical devices, you may qualify for financial compensation. If you’re a type 2 diabetic who experienced lower-limb amputations while taking Invokana, act now! Fill out your free evaluation to see if may have an eligible Invokana injury claim.

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