Invokana Complications: Are Patients Made Aware?

    invokana complications

    Once again, Johnson & Johnson subsidiary Janssen Pharmaceuticals faces scrutiny. Now, it’s for allegedly failing to properly inform patients of potentially dangerous Invokana complications. In fact, some reported Invokana complications (like diabetic ketoacidosis and kidney failure) may be fatal.

    Invokana Complications Cited In New Failure to Warn Lawsuit

    According to a lawsuit filed in the Southern District of Alabama, Janssen concealed “unreasonably dangerous risks” associated with Invokana use for controlling type 2 diabetes. The lawsuit lists risks “including diabetic ketoacidosis, stroke, heart attacks, and severe kidney damage,” and accuses Janssen of illegally marketing Invokana for off-label use. In addition, new medical studies cite doubled foot, toe and lower limb amputation risks among possible Invokana complications.

    The Leading Cause of Frustration

    In December 2014, the plaintiff took Invokana to regulate blood sugar. However, Janssen allegedly withheld information about possible Invokana complications. Shortly afterward she developed diabetic ketoacidosis, one of the potentially fatal Invokana complications. Diabetic ketoacidosis occurs when insulin shortages cause the body to burn fatty acids. This, in turn, leads to vomiting, dehydration, gasping, confusion, and in serious cases, even coma. If she had known about these potential Invokana complications, the plaintiff says she wouldn’t have taken the drug.

    The patient in Alabama joins many others accusing Janssen of misleading patients about possible Invokana complications. A similar lawsuit was filed within the Philadelphia Court of Common Pleas. In fact, that plaintiff claims Invokana caused him to develop diabetic ketoacidosis within three months of beginning use.

    Public Awareness is Growing About Serious Invokana Complications

    Growing adverse event reports led to a 2015 FDA safety announcement. In it, the FDA warned patients to “pay close attention for any signs of ketoacidosis and seek medical attention immediately if they experience symptoms [of the condition].” After searching diabetic ketoacidosis reports, the FDA found 20 Invokana-related cases, all requiring emergency room visits. The report urged physicians to report Invokana side effects in order to better monitor potential victims.

    For those already injured, that FDA monitoring’s too late. If you suffered severe Invokana injuries such as toe or foot amputations, you may qualify for compensation. Start by filling out a free Invokana claim evaluation today.

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