IVC Blood Clot Filter

Bard IVC Filter Litigation Update

Bard IVC filter litigation update

Many medical supply companies make IVC filters — the cage-like devices meant to catch blood clots before they reach a patient’s heart or lungs. However, hundreds of people reported problems with their medically implanted filters, including the device moving around within the body. The IVC filter can then perforate vital organs like the heart, lungs, kidneys or even the inferior vena cava itself. (The inferior vena cava also happens to be the largest vein in the human body.) Reports also show filters tilting, fracturing into pieces before migrating throughout the body, or becoming surgically irretrievable after placement. C.R. Bard is one of 11 IVC filter manufacturers. However, Bard devices seem riskier than their competitors. This is mainly due to the higher risk of fracture and death that’s associated with a Bard IVC filter.

Past Bard IVC Filter Settlements

In 2015, Kevin Phillips of Nevada sued C.R. Bard after his IVC filter fractured and a piece perforated his heart. Phillips needed heart surgery to remove fragments of the fractured device, then reached a settlement after only 10 days. This case gives other injured plaintiffs hope that future juries might also rule in their favor.

Current Bard IVC Filter Litigation

Due to the overwhelmingly high number of C.R. Bard IVC filter cases, the U.S. Judicial Panel ordered all federal lawsuits grouped into one filing in Arizona. Consolidating cases like this can be helpful for plaintiffs, because individual attorneys are then able to coordinate their efforts and pool their resources to build the best class action lawsuit possible against the device’s manufacturer.

Some allegations include stories like Dodi Froehlich’s, who was injured after getting an IVC filter to help lower her blood clot risks. Four months after Recovery filter placement surgery in 2004, Froehlich developed a severe headache and fainted. An X-ray showed a piece of IVC filter perforating Froehlich’s heart. Emergency surgery managed to save Froehlich’s life. Sadly, many similar stories don’t share her happy ending. Just one week after leaving the hospital, Gloria Adams died because a blood clot pushed a piece of broken IVC filter into her heart, which then punctured the organ.

Future Bard IVC Filter Outlook

The Bard Recovery, G2, and G2 Express IVC filters are all currently being scrutinized for poor performance. Lawsuits are also pending against Cook Medical Inc., Rex Medical, and Boston Scientific over defective IVC filters. The first lawsuit against Cook Medical goes to trial in 2017. Based on past outcomes, current plaintiffs are hopeful about receiving compensation for IVC filter injuries. To see if you or a loved one may qualify, fill out your free case review form today. A lawyer will determine your claim’s eligibility before contacting you on how to proceed.