IVC Blood Clot Filter

How to Find the Right IVC Filter Lawyer to Represent Your Case

IVC filter lawyer

IVC filters have good intentions. They primarily catch blood clots before they can reach your heart and lungs, preventing life-threatening pulmonary embolism. However, many people who have IVC filters suffer extreme side effects. From 2005-2010, the FDA reported 921 adverse events involving IVC filters, and the problem isn’t improving. A study comparing older vs. newer filters found “higher percentages of complications and mortality associated with the newer retrievable filters.” Migration injuries can be life-threatening – and if it happens to you, you need to speak with an IVC filter lawyer.

What an IVC Filter Lawyer Can Do For You

Any attorney can represent your IVC filter claim, but it’s best to hire someone who’s familiar with product liability cases. An IVC filter lawyer will know how to handle defective medical equipment claims and build a successful case. An experienced IVC filter lawyer can give you up-to-date information on similar cases, answer your questions, and prepare for trial. Since you’re already dealing with pain and suffering from your injury, you need reliable, experienced legal representation. Litigation takes time and attention to detail, so an experienced lawyer is crucial for representing your claim. The first step toward hiring an IVC filter lawyer is completing your free case review form online. Once you’ve submitted your information, an attorney will call you to discuss your case.

Current Side Effects and Compensation Outlook

Lawyers are now accepting claims from individuals who experienced IVC filter complications after having the device surgically implanted. Serious IVC filter injuries include: migration, fracture, perforation, tilt, and inability to retrieve and remove the device.

Kevin Phillips filed the first IVC filter lawsuit in 2012. Since then, several plaintiffs have won compensation for their injuries. In 2015, Phillips reached a financial settlement within 10 days of starting his trial. His IVC filter fractured and a piece of the device perforated Phillips’ heart, requiring major surgery. But his injury is one among hundreds, and everyone injured by IVC filter complications deserves an opportunity for compensation. Due to the high number of new product liability cases still coming to light, many claims are now being centralized. That’s a good thing, because multidistrict litigation helps lawyer coordinate and pool resources with other attorneys.

Speak to an IVC Filter Lawyer Today

Injuries from inferior vena cava filters can be fatal. You deserve a lawyer who’ll work hard to win you the highest financial compensation possible for your injuries. To speak with an IVC filter lawyer about your injuries, get a free claim review today. You’ll pay nothing now for a legal consultation to see if you may have an eligible case.

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