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    Pfizer Fails to Get Depo Testosterone Lawsuits Excluded from MDL

    depo testosterone lawsuits

    Men are filing low testosterone lawsuits after suffering heart attacks, strokes and other cardiovascular events. Now a federal judicial panel denied Pfizer Inc.’s request to exclude depo testosterone lawsuits from consolidation. The company made this request since only four depo testosterone lawsuits were filed. (By comparison, hundreds of AndroGel, Testim and Androderm claims are currently pending.) However, the panel chose to include Pfizer in an industry-wide low-T lawsuit centralization.

    The company made the request following the U.S. Judicial Panel on Multidistrict Litigation agreed to consolidate all pending lawsuits in April 2014. Pfizer, according to court documents, said the four depo testosterone lawsuits didn’t overlap with any other claims. This assertion contradicted claims made by plaintiffs in other low-T therapy product liability cases. The company also noted that unlike other, similar hormone replacement therapies, doctors must inject depo testosterone. Competing products listed in the ongoing MDL filing deliver low testosterone therapy through a topical gel. In addition, other manufacturers aggressively market their products, unlike depo testosterone.

    Depo Testosterone Lawsuits Consolidated Under Class Action Filing

    The panel acknowledged Pfizer’s concerns, but agreed to transfer all pending low testosterone lawsuits. They ruled to centralize all lawsuits within the U.S. District Court, Northern District of Illinois. The consolidation included 45 cases against:

    •  AbbVie Inc. as well as Abbott Laboratories (AndroGel)
    • Endo Pharmaceutical (Fortesta)
    • Eli Lilly and Company as well as Lilly USA, LLC (Axiron)
    • Auxilium Pharmaceuticals (Testin)

    The transfer order from June 6, 2014 noted that 81 potentially related lawsuits are pending in other district courts around the country.

    The wave of low testosterone lawsuits came after the U.S. Food and Drug Administration announced a warning in January 2014. In the issued statement, the federal agency noted that low-T treatments could increase mens’ risk for cardiovascular events. This warning came after two separate studies found this assertion to be true.

    How to Join Active Depo Testosterone Lawsuits

    If you used depo injections or another low-T therapy and suffered a heart attack, stroke or cardiac event, you may have an eligible claim. To see if you may qualify for financial compensation from the treatment’s manufacturer, complete your free claim review today. Once you’ve completed and submitted this form, a qualified lawyer in your area will call to schedule your free, in-person consultation and review your case. The most recent low testosterone bellwether trials netted almost $300 million in damages for plaintiffs. Time to file your claim is limited, so explore your options before this year’s bellwether trials conclude and you miss your opportunity for compensation.

    If you choose to pursue a case, it’s in your best interest to contact a lawyer who specializes in depo testosterone lawsuits. Lawyers who handle drug injury cases understand the intricate details and can give you your best chance of winning compensation. Be aware that the statute of limitations for filing your claim varies, depending on where you live. To avoid accidentally disqualifying yourself from any pending cash settlements due to time restrictions, get your free claim review started online now.

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