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    Low Testosterone Heart Attack – The Alarming Effects of Therapy

    low testosterone heart attack

    According to Forbes, more than 1,300 men have filed low testosterone lawsuits since April 2014. Currently, they’re undergoing consolidation through an MDL within the Northern District of Illinois. One one plaintiff to date won a low testosterone heart attack settlement: A Chicago jury recently awarded Jesse Mitchell $150 million. However, it illustrates how pervasive these testosterone therapy lawsuits are – and the marketing problem that accompanies them.

    Seven companies currently face low testosterone heart attack lawsuits. The two most frequently named in claims include AbbVie and Endo Pharmaceuticals, the companies that manufacture AndroGel. Both genders produce testosterone, but men release significantly more hormones. It’s an important part of male growth and male features, making the normal production of testosterone crucial. While low testosterone causes certain serious health conditions, few men need prescription treatment. Doctors recommend against using low testosterone therapy for treating minor symptoms, like low sex drive and fatigue. In fact, when men use “Low T” for the wrong reasons, they can suffer devastating side effects.

    While different testosterone therapy products exist, most include gels, transdermal patches and injections. Sometimes, they can affect a man’s cardiac health.

    FDA Requires Manufacturers to Update Labels for Low Testosterone Heart Attack Warning

    Off-label use and excessive marketing related to testosterone deficiencies drive most low testosterone heart attack claims. Initially, the FDA approved low-t drugs to treat a medical condition called hyogonadism. However, they’ve grown popular for treating unrelated conditions, such as reduced sex drive and inability to focus. According to that same JAMA study, testosterone therapy prescription rates have increased in the U.S. over the last decade, with a fivefold increase between 2000 and 2011. It’s important to note that “Low T” is not a recognized “disease.” As a result, many people consider any direct-to-consumer marketing to be incredibly off-base.

    Luckily, the FDA required makers to add specific low testosterone heart attack warnings to drug labels in January 2014. And while they have not yet officially decided that testosterone therapy has a direct correlation to stroke, heart attack or death, the organization does suggest that physicians should ensure the patient-specific benefits of taking the drug far outweigh the risks. The issue illuminates a large problem pervading the health care industry as well: As marketing becomes more aggressive, many diseases and conditions are made up and sensationalized.

    What You Can Do

    If you or someone you love suffered a low testosterone heart attack, you may qualify for a cash settlement. An attorney can advise you for free before filing your low testosterone heart attack claim. To see if you may qualify, fill out your free low testosterone compensation evaluation form now. Once we’ve received your information, an experienced advocate will call to discuss your compensation options.

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