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    After Suffering Heart Attacks, Men on Low T Treatment File Lawsuits

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    After Stephan Nichols, 59, suffered a heart attack while taking low T treatment drug AndroGel, he decided to sue the manufacturers, according to Denver CBS News.

    The source said former pilot and current golfer Nichols, feeling run-down and tired, decided to see a doctor. A blood test confirmed Nichols had very low testosterone levels. His doctor then prescribed AndroGel as a low T treatment regiment. Two years later, Nichols had a heart attack. However, Nichols continued low T treatment until he saw an advertisement about the possible risks from testosterone therapy. Nichols called his doctor who told him to stop taking AndroGel.

    Advertising of Low T Therapy Treatments Driving Up Prescriptions?

    According to Dr. Al Barqawi, urologist at University of Colorado Hospital, doctors may over-prescribe testosterone drugs. In fact,  so many TV ads tell men they need it that they actively seek doctors to write off-label prescriptions. Moreover, prescriptions for low T treatment have risen more than fivefold in the U.S. over recent years. “There is a misconception that testosterone is the elixir of life. This fountain of youth that is coming from it. It’s not true,” Barqawi told KCNC.

    Nichols isn’t the only man to suffer a low testosterone therapy heart attack. Men across the U.S. are suing low T treatment manufacturers after suffering heart attacks, strokes and other cardiac events. Plaintiffs say their cardiovascular injuries and events occurred allegedly because of these medications.

    While treatments including Fortesta, AndroGel, Axiron and others might help men feel younger and healthier, many are unaware of serious and life-threatening complications that can occur as side-effects of these prescriptions.

    Studies Provide Proof of Dangerous Low T Treatment Side Effects

    Many medical studies show that low T therapies increase risk for heart attacks and strokes. While some research dates back to 2009, manufacturers refuse to warn consumers about these findings.

    As more studies find similar results, Public Citizen, a consumer advocacy group, is calling for the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to issue a black box warning stating the possible cardiovascular risks associated with low testosterone treatments. The organization is currently reviewing the safety and side effects of the therapies.

    What Low T Treatment Victims Can Do

    If you suffered a cardiac event while receiving low T treatment, you may be entitled to financial compensation. To see if you may qualify for a cash settlement, fill out your free compensation evaluation form today. Once we receive your information, an experienced advocate will call you to discuss your compensation options.

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