Low Testosterone

    Colorado Man Files Low T Lawsuit Against AndroGel Maker AbbVie


    Stephen Nichols, 59, of Fort Collins, CO, filed one of the first low testosterone lawsuits in 2014. After Nichols suffered a heart attack, he sued AbbVie, AndroGel’s manufacturer. The plaintiff insists that the low testosterone medication caused his cardiac event.

    Nichols says he decided to see a doctor because he always felt very tired. Even getting up to walk a short distance felt impossible. His doctor conducted some tests and discovered Nichols had low testosterone levels. The doctor then prescribed Nichols AndroGel.

    Nichols had a heart attack two years after starting treatment, but kept using AndroGel because his doctor prescribed it. He only stopped after seeing an ad warning against possible low t medication side effects. Nichols then called his doctor, who told him to stop the low t medication immediately. Shortly afterward, Nichols filed his lawsuit against AbbVie.

    AbbVie issued a statement saying that it conducts comprehensive safety testing for all its products.

    FDA Warning Triggers Wave of AndroGel Lawsuits

    Many men started filing low testosterone lawsuits after the U.S. Food and Drug Administration issued the first warning in January 2014.

    The source also said some doctors consider low t treatments a “wonder drug” for older men. Doctors often prescribe AndroGel to men with low energy and sexual health levels. Currently, more than 5 million patients take some kind of low testosterone medication.

    Doctors Blame Aggressive Advertising for Prescription Low T Overuse

    University of Colorado Hospital urologist Dr. Al Barqawi said doctors over-prescribe low t medication in the U.S. Dr. Barqawi blames overly aggressive advertising aimed at men for this issue.

    “There is a misconception that testosterone is the elixir of life. This fountain of youth that is coming from it. It’s not true,” Barqawi said. “It is unclear if low t symptoms are actually symptoms of aging that do not need to be treated.”

    What AndroGel Victims Can Do

    If you or someone you love suffered a heart attack, stroke or other cardiovascular event while taking AndroGel, we can help. To see if you may qualify for a cash settlement, fill out your free compensation evaluation form now.

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