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    Study Shows Clear Evidence of Low Testosterone Heart Attack Risks

    testosterone heart attack

    Benefits from low t therapy tempt many men. Aging men love the idea that a supplement might make them feel younger and more vigorous. Manufacturers promise improved libido, greater energy, and more defined muscle mass. Despite low testosterone heart attack dangers, U.S. doctors wrote 5.3 million prescriptions in 2013. And in 2016 alone, manufacturer AbbVie reported AndroGel sales totaling $675 million. While some may briefly benefit from testosterone therapy, extended use can be fatal. In fact, some scientists now link low testosterone and heart attack in men taking the drug.

    Quiz: What Happens When You Take Low Testosterone Therapy?

    When taking testosterone supplements for libido and energy purposes I am likely to:

    A.Increase my muscle mass

    B. Have a heart attack

    C. Have a stroke

    D. Die

    If you answered A, you’d be right. But if you answered B, C, and D you would also be right. A recent JAMA study found men on low t therapy were 29% more likely to die, have a heart attack or stroke. Yet thousands of men receive testosterone therapy from fitness trainers and even physicians, despite these adverse effects.

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    Low Testosterone Heart Attack Concerns: Many Affected Men Don’t Even Have A Prescription

    Part of the problem is that you don’t need a prescription for low testosterone therapy. According to the FDA, only men incapable of producing any or sufficient testosterone need prescription treatment. Sometimes chemotherapy, infection, or a genetic problem leaves men with this specific medical issue. Still, these drugs are extensively prescribed to combat something that’s utterly inescapable: aging. And the FDA states there’s no established proof that low t helps men during the aging process. Even more important, the safety of using testosterone for aging cannot be established.

    Studies Show Link Between Low Testosterone and Heart Attack Risks

    Extensive medical studies link low testosterone and heart attack risks in men. For this reason, the FDA required updated drug labels to warn about increased risk for stroke and heart attacks. They also suggest physicians limit drug prescriptions due to this proven low testosterone and heart attack connection.

    If you’re taking low testosterone supplements, seek medical help immediately if you feel:

    • Chest pain
    • Shortness of breath
    • Weakness in one side of the body
    • Slurred speech

    These symptoms may indicate you’re having a low testosterone heart attack.

    What Testosterone Heart Attack Victims Can Do

    If you’ve had a low testosterone heart attack or stroke, you may qualify for financial compensation. Misleading claims from drug manufacturers led thousands of men to suffer a fatal low testosterone heart attack or stroke. To see if you may qualify for a cash settlement, get your free compensation evaluation today.

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