Four Serious Potential Complications Of Removing Mirena

removing mirena

The Mirena intrauterine device (IUD) can have serious side effects. However, removing Mirena can cause adverse health complications as well. We’ll list the four biggest surgery complication risks women face when removing Mirena IUDs based on published reports.

Emotional and Physical Consequences of Removing Mirena

Many women feel less pain as well as more balanced emotions after Mirena removal. However, some patients report additional bleeding and discomfort for months after removing Mirena.

1. Embedment

Many women seek Mirena removal due to device embedment. However, the IUD can also get stuck in the uterine wall if a physician or surgeon tries to remove ti. Embedment can cause internal bleeding and other painful complications.

2. IUD Breakage

Removing Mirena can also cause the device to break apart. Bayer, Mirena’s manufacturer, tells physicians to verify the IUD is intact before sending a patient home. If device fragments remain, the patient may remain in constant pain. An additional revision surgery may be necessary.

3. The ‘Mirena Crash’

According to one blogger, a common side effect after removal is the “Mirena Crash.” This “Crash” happens when the body tries to naturally regulate the patient’s hormones again. It usually only lasts between a few days up to one week. Anything longer can indicate serious complications from removing Mirena.

4. Pain or Bleeding

Any kind of discomfort, such as bleeding or cramping, can also occur after removing Mirena. Be sure to follow up with your doctor if this happens to you.

What You Can Do

Contacting an experienced Mirena attorney can help you get justice for your pain and suffering. If you experienced any Mirena IUD complication that required surgical removal, get your free claim review today. Before you file a Mirena lawsuit, see if you may qualify for financial compensation from the device’s manufacturer.

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