Depression: The Secret Mirena Side Effect

Mirena side effect

There are thousands of IUD complications, but Mirena-induced mental disorders are seldom discussed. Yet depression is a Mirena side effect that’s all too common. In fact, depression can either start immediately after insertion or develop gradually over months.

Women Tell Their Mirena Side Effect Stories Online

According to RX List, because Mirena is a hormone-releasing system, side effects are always a possibility. Mirena side effect reports include depression or altered mood. Depression can result from negative situations or changing hormones. Even worse, feeling better becomes extremely difficult for women with hormonal depression. Countless blogs and Internet forums feature stories from women who struggle with Mirena-induced depression. Some women even say their Mirena IUD led to them to try to commit suicide. The Mirena reviews are often negative.

One woman blogged about her Mirena-induced depression on the Brain Fog site. She said her emotions changed within one day of her IUD insertion. After doing some research, she found Mirena could re-trigger depression in former sufferers. And there were even more potential side effects that she hadn’t discussed with her physician. Within just a few days of her IUD insertion, she tried to have it removed. At that point, her physician admitted she hadn’t considered the impact of a Mirena side effect like depression on recovered patients.

Victim’s Blog Brings Attention to Mirena Side Effect Risks

Another woman devoted an entire blog to her Mirena complications, including depression. The blogger realized she had hormonal-induced depression for six months during the one year she used an IUD. One blog entry said that her physician was reluctant remove the IUD due to so little research about Mirena-induced depression. However, the blogger immediately felt better after removing her IUD, and the depression didn’t return.

“Sure I’m still bummed that I sunk $600 cash for it in the first place, and then lost a years worth of emotions to it and was probably a [bad] mom/wife during that time, but it feels AMAZING to be back,” the woman blogged.

What You Can Do

If you experienced any Mirena IUD complication that required surgical removal and the use of general anesthesia, you may have a case. Get your free Mirena case review and an attorney will call you shortly to discuss your case.