Is Mirena linked to IUD Breast Cancer? Research Says Yes.

    IUD breast cancer

    All over the country, women are filing Mirena lawsuits. These plaintiffs required surgical intrauterine device (IUD) removal after suffering serious, sometimes permanent complications. Mirena is a birth control device popular among women that already have children. It releases a hormone called levonorgestrel that can prevent pregnancy for as much as five years. However, recent studies linked IUDs that release levonorgestrel (such as Mirena) to higher risk for developing breast cancer. The journal Obstetrics and Gynecology published the newest IUD breast cancer study. Researchers observed more than 90,000 women from Finland between 1994 and 2007. The results showed subjects with a hormone-based IUD reported 19% more new breast cancer diagnoses than women in the control group.

    IUD Breast Cancer Study Highlights Mirena Risks

    This IUD breast cancer study links surgically implanted birth control devices such as Mirena to unexpected health risks. In addition to a higher IUD breast cancer risks, Mirena users face other potentially serious side effects, including:

    • Perforation
    • Migration
    • Ectopic pregnancy
    • Permanent infertility
    • Other internal injuries and complications that require surgical removal (i.e., embedment within the uterine wall)
    • Depression

    Court documents reveal at least 700 Mirena lawsuits filed in New Jersey Bergen County Superior Court. Many plaintiffs say they needed surgical device removal after suffering painful internal injuries. The women claim the the device’s labels did not properly warn against such complications.

    The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) first approved Mirena back in 2000. The device grew even more popular when the FDA approved it for expanded use in 2009. However, the FDA cited Mirena’s manufacturer, Bayer Pharmaceuticals, that same year. According to FDA documents, Bayer’s Mirena marketing campaign overplayed the IUD’s benefits and downplayed any health risks.

    Injured? Here’s What You Can Do

    If you have serious IUD complications that require device removal surgery, you may qualify for compensation. To check your claim’s eligibility for a cash settlement, get your free Mirena claim review today. It takes just two minutes to see your evaluation results online! Once you’ve entered your information, an experienced attorney will call to discuss your case. This is the first step towards getting you the compensation and justice you deserve for your injuries.

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