Risperdal, Talcum Powder

Risperdal, Talcum Powder Top Johnson & Johnson Settlement Awards

Recent Risperdal settlement awards

Johnson & Johnson, one of America’s most recognized companies, is under fire. The pharmaceutical drug giant faces more than 100,000 lawsuits for failing to warn the public about risks from long-term talcum powder use. Talcum powder, perhaps the company’s most easily identifiable product, is also known as baby powder. Studies link this seemingly harmless powder to mesothelioma as well as ovarian and cervical cancer. For this reason, thousands of women with ovarian cancer are now suing J&J for negligence. And Risperdal® (risperidone), an antipsychotic illegally marketed to children with behavioral disorders, causes gynecomastia in boys and young men. Because consumers didn’t know about these potential threats, some juries are now awarding payouts across the U.S. Several plaintiffs recently won multimillion-dollar Johnson & Johnson settlement awards — some exceeding $4 billion — for damages.

#1 Johnson & Johnson Settlement Award: $4.69 billion

Plaintiff: 22 unnamed ovarian cancer plaintiffs
Date: July 2018
Product/Drug: Talcum powder

This most recent (and largest) settlement follows a new trend in talcum powder litigation. Plaintiffs alleged that J&J’s products contain asbestos, and recent expert testimony backs up that assertion. Though the drug giant tried to appeal this record-breaking verdict, a judge upheld the ruling on August 22, 2018. This historic verdict ensured that each plaintiff received a Johnson & Johnson settlement worth at least $25 million.

#2 Johnson & Johnson Settlement Award: $110 million

Plaintiff: Lois Slemp
Date: May 2017
Product/Drug: Talcum powder

Virginia resident Lois Slemp used Johnson’s Baby Powder and Shower to Shower products daily for several decades. Unfortunately, talc used perineally (as Slemp testified to) can raise a woman’s ovarian cancer risk 20%-30%, studies show. In May 2017, a St. Louis jury found defendants Imerys Talc (J&J’s supplier) and Johnson & Johnson liable for Slemp’s cancer diagnosis. And while J&J immediately appealed that case, a second judge affirmed Slemp’s Johnson & Johnson settlement award in November 2017.

#3 Johnson & Johnson Settlement Award: $70 million

Plaintiff: Andrew Yount
Date: July 2016
Product/Drug: Risperdal

Doctors first prescribed Andrew Yount Risperdal to treat a psychiatric disorder when he was just five years old. His attorneys said Janssen Pharmaceuticals (a J&J subsidiary) failed to properly warn patients about gynecomastia as well as other harmful side effect risks. Additionally, his lawsuit alleged Janssen promoted Risperdal illegally for off-label use, concealed records and committed major legal misconduct. As a result, a Pennsylvania state court awarded Yount $70 million in compensatory damages. “This verdict will help thousands of children, boys, and their families be made aware of the dangers of Risperdal,” said attorney Steve Sheller. “To put it mildly, it’s about time that someone put J&J to task.”

#4 Johnson & Johnson Settlement Award: $70 million

Plaintiff: Deborah Giannecchini
Awarded: October 2016
Product/Drug: Talcum powder

Deborah Giannecchini used Johnson’s® Baby Powder to maintain feminine hygiene for nearly 40 years. The 62-year-old California woman was diagnosed with ovarian cancer back in 2013. Despite rounds of chemotherapy, surgery, and radiation doctors say that Giannecchini has an 80% chance of dying. Giannecchini’s lawyers cited scientific studies and asserted J&J failed to warn consumers about significant risks from prolonged talc use. Lawyer Allen Smith told St. Louis jurors that J&J was aware of “30 years of studies showing an increased risk of ovarian cancer from the use of talc. They knew, and they knew the public was unaware of the risk.” Smith says that instead of adding warning labels to their products, J&J “developed a defense strategy to prevent government regulation of its products.”

#5 Johnson & Johnson Settlement: $2.5 million

Plaintiff: Austin Pledger
Date: April 2015
Product/Drug: Risperdal

Austin Pledger, now 20, began taking J&J’s Risperdal as a teen for symptoms associated with his autism diagnosis. Consequently, after some years Pledger developed size 44D breasts. Years later, a Missouri court found Janssen guilty of failing to warn about Risperdal’s dangers as well as illegally marketing the drug for use in children. And jurors awarded Pledger $2.5 million in physical as well as psychological damages. Pledger’s attorney Thomas Kline said: “I have never seen a worse case of corporate misconduct than I have here.”

Overturned Settlement Awards

Updated: 8/30/2018

Unfortunately, the following talc settlements were all subsequently overturned on appeal by Johnson & Johnson:

#1 Johnson & Johnson Settlement Award: $72 million

Plaintiff: Jacqueline Fox (compensation awarded to her son, Marvin Salter)
Date: Awarded February 2016 – settlement reversed on appeal in October 2017
Product/Drug: Talcum powder

#2 Johnson & Johnson Settlement Award: $55 million

Plaintiff: Gloria Ristesund
Date: May 2016– settlement reversed on appeal in July 2018
Product/Drug: Talcum powder

#3 Johnson & Johnson Settlement Award: $417 million

Plaintiff: Eva Echeverria
Date: August 2017 – settlement reversed on appeal in October 2017
Product/Drug: Talcum Powder

Do You Have a Case?

If you developed serious, life-changing complications from either Risperdal or talcum powder, you may qualify for compensation. Because Johnson & Johnson still knowingly markets Risperdal and talcum powder to consumers without additional warning labels, lawsuits are now underway. To see if you may qualify for a significant cash settlement due to ovarian cancer, complete yourfree talcum powder claim review today. Once you’ve submitted your information, an experienced lawyer will call to discuss your case.

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