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    How to Hire the Right Talcum Powder Lawyer

    Talcum powder lawyer

    If you developed either mesothelioma or ovarian cancer after regular talcum powder use, you may feel angry reading recent headlines. After all, other women got justice and compensation in court. Now, it’s your turn. Consult with someone who’s familiar with these types of cases and what you’re going through. Then, you’ll be ready to file your claim. Here’s how to find a talcum powder lawyer to represent your case in court.

    2013: Talcum Powder Litigation Begins

    Deane Berg filed the first lawsuit against Johnson & Johnson back in 2009. At her 2013 trial, Berg blamed the company’s talc-based products for her ovarian cancer. The plaintiff was diagnosed with cancer in 2006 after using the drug giant’s talc-based products for decades. Multiple doctors concluded talcum powder was responsible after examining Berg’s cancerous tissue.

    The jury found Johnson & Johnson guilty of negligence for failing to warn consumers about the risk of ovarian cancer brought on by long-term talcum powder use. Unfortunately, Berg didn’t win any damages. Still, Berg and her lawyers were grateful that jurors found her claims to be legitimate. That ruling paved the path for more lawsuits soon to follow. Since Berg’s trial, hundreds of women with cervical cancer filed similar lawsuits.

    Then in 2018, 22 anonymous ovarian cancer plaintiffs won a stunning $2.12 billion talcum powder settlement. A St. Louis jury awarded each victim at least $96 million in actual and punitive damages. Without an experienced talcum powder lawyer handling those claims, none would have received a cash settlement.

    What A Talcum Powder Lawyer Can Do For You

    Many lawyers practice a specific kind of law, such as criminal, real estate, tax, etc. Specialization in one area enables each attorney to become an expert. You want someone who can act quickly with plenty of background knowledge on the subject. A lawyer who knows how to build a viable case, decisions regarding similar claims by previous plaintiffs, and understands current litigation. A talcum powder lawyer specializing in drug injury claims represents individuals affected by defective medical products or drugs.

    This type of attorney understands your claim’s unique circumstances. Any talcum powder lawyer should provide comprehensive information, explain how the legal process works, and whether you have an eligible case. Having a talcum powder lawyer who views your case as important and legitimate is crucial. You’ve already suffered and need help from someone who can sympathize and answer your questions. You want to hire someone to who will be able to explain what to expect and who will have resources to provide you the best service. A qualified talcum powder lawyer should meet all of your legal needs.

    Current Compensation Climate

    If you used talcum powder regularly for several years and then developed cancer, you may have a case. In fact, recent jury outcomes prove you may qualify for a significant cash settlement from the product’s manufacturer. The highest payout to date is $2.12 billion to 22 ovarian cancer plaintiffs, which J&J failed to overturn on appeal in June 2020.

    Talcum powder lawyers provide confidential consultations where you can ask all the questions you like before deciding whether or not to proceed. Fill out a free talcum powder claim review to have your case evaluated and see if you may qualify for financial compensation.

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