Transvaginal & Pelvic Mesh

    Transvaginal Mesh Creates Permanent Scars

    Transvaginal Mesh Creates Permanent Scars

    Transvaginal mesh (TVM) used to be a go-to solution for physicians to treat pelvic organ prolapse and other conditions. However, the devices haven’t always worked. In 2008, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) issued a public health notification urging providers to understand the risks of severe complications from transvaginal mesh came.

    When TVM implants fail or cause severe discomfort, sometimes surgery is the only option left. Yet removing the mesh isn’t a simple procedure – women can have emotional and physical scars for the rest of their lives. For many women, the scars accompanying mesh removal are just as painful and life-changing as their initial TVM complications.

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    Vaginal Mesh Failure Can Mean More Pain

    According to an article in Common Health, six women testified in 2011 before the FDA about their TVM complications, providing information not only about their pain but also about the 45 surgeries between them that they had to undergo. Their complications were so bad that each woman had to have multiple surgeries to correct the damage, and each had the scars to prove it.

    One woman, Linda, told Common Health that she continued to have leakage even after undergoing multiple surgeries. The woman was even told by a doctor that she would never escape her mesh complications.

    “I’m not dying, I don’t have a terminal illness…but the last doctor I went to said ‘You’re going to be my patient for life’… So, if I can get one person to not get this surgery it will be worth it,” Linda said.

    Emotional Toll Drives Women to Seek Counseling

    For the majority of women, knowing that they will face issues forever can be debilitating and traumatic. Not only must they suffer from the side effects of their TVM implants for the rest of their lives, but they must experience discomfort every day, which can cause a significant emotional toll. From having to keep taking medications or undergoing procedures to reverse the side effects of TVM to needing to seek counseling to get through their pain. Many women see their medical bills pile up as a result of their TVM implant.

    ive with physical and mental scars for the rest of their lives is what drives many women to seek compensation. In addition, knowing there are other options for their POP treatment may also ease their mental burden.

    Justice You Deserve

    Hundreds of thousands of women are suing TVM manufacturers for internal injuries allegedly caused by pelvic mesh implants. To see if you may qualify for a cash settlement, start by filling out your pelvic mesh compensation evaluation form now.

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