Onglyza Settlement & Financial Compensation Information

    Onglyza settlementOnglyza (saxagliptin) helps type 2 diabetics regulate their blood sugar without inducing weight gain. Onglyza’s popularity skyrocketed after manufacturer AstraZeneca secured the Food and Drug Administration’s approval in July 2009. In fact, AstraZeneca’s Onglyza sales peaked in 2015, generating $786 million annually. Unfortunately, recent clinical trial data shows Onglyza includes serious potential health risks that may outweigh the drug’s benefits. The rise in all-mortality deaths for Onglyza patients vs. those taking a placebo is even more concerning, according to researchers. Due to these life-threatening SAVOR trial results, injured individuals nationwide are filing lawsuits against AstraZeneca. However, none have yet reached an Onglyza settlement.

    Study Data May Support Claims By Plaintiffs Seeking An Onglyza Settlement

    A 2013 study in The New England Journal of Medicine compared Onglyza subjects against the control group given a placebo. Researchers found a 27% increased risk for heart failure hospitalizations among type 2 diabetes patients taking Onglyza vs. the placebo. Shortly afterwards, the FDA issued a Drug Safety Communication warning consumers about Onglyza’s increased heart failure risk. The agency also ordered AstraZeneca to update the drug’s label and packaging to accurately reflect those risks. This new evidence combined with the FDA’s involvement spurred many injured patients to file recent lawsuits seeking an Onglyza settlement.

    Rochelle Gibson filed the first lawsuit demanding an Onglyza settlement from AstraZeneca after her mother, Lillie Ree Gibson, passed away. Gibson’s wrongful death lawsuit states that her mother, who took Onglyza for three years, was hospitalized twice for heart failure. Eventually, doctors linked Gibson’s death to her ongoing Onglyza use for managing type 2 diabetes symptoms. According to court documents from 2015, Gibson’s family seeks damages to cover costs incurred from her long illness and burial.

    Current Onglyza Settlement Climate

    Since then, individuals who developed life-threatening health complications while taking Onglyza filed lawsuits against AstraZeneca. Plaintiffs list heart failure, heart attack, pancreatitis and pancreatic cancer among their injuries. While none have yet reached an Onglyza settlement, these active lawsuits are nationwide. Currently, California holds most active Onglyza litigation claims. Other individual cases in Kentucky, Texas and Illinois courts are currently awaiting trial. And in May 2017, 14 Onglyza claims represented by the same law firm filed suit against AstraZeneca. If plaintiffs file enough Onglyza cases, a judge may approve consolidation and centralization via MDL. This would expedite litigation and possibly mean greater financial compensation awards for any participating individuals eligible for an Onglyza settlement.

    Plaintiffs who suffered heart failure, cardiac failure, congestive heart failure, or death before April 5, 2016 may qualify for compensation. Legal experts believe qualifying plaintiffs may be entitled to a significant cash Onglyza settlement, based on similar diabetes medication lawsuit outcomes.

    What You Can Do

    Did you or a loved one suffer heart failure, congestive heart failure, pancreatic cancer or death while taking Onglyza? If so, you may qualify for an Onglyza settlement from the drug’s manufacturer. Since time is limited to file pharmaceutical injury lawsuits, act now — don’t wait start your Onglyza claim! Waiting to file your claim could exclude you from any Onglyza settlement cash payouts from AstraZeneca.

    To see within minutes if you may qualify for a cash settlement, click the button below now to start your free online case review. A qualified attorney in your area will then call to discuss your case and how to get the justice and compensation you deserve.

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    If you or a loved one developed heart damage, pancreatitis or pancreatic cancer while taking Onglyza, you may qualify for financial compensation from the manufacturer. Request your free case evaluation now to see if you may qualify.

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