Filing a Physiomesh Claim

    Physiomesh claimIf you experienced ventral hernia recurrence or needed revision surgery due to Physiomesh complications, you may qualify for compensation. Prior to a voluntary global withdrawal in May 2016, these mesh patches were a popular choice for ventral hernia repair. The most frequently reported adverse reactions were hernia recurrence as well as revision surgery. Tissue adhesion, chronic pain and bowel obstruction are among the more serious hernia mesh complications reported by patients. Because Ethicon only recently recalled this particular hernia mesh, many injured patients haven’t yet filed a Physiomesh claim.

    Physiomesh Study Shows High Risk of Hernia Recurrence

    According to a March 2016 study, one in five Physiomesh patients experience hernia recurrence within six months after implantation. Shockingly, ventral hernia repairs with Ventralight mesh had zero recurrences during the same timeframe. Physiomesh patients also said they felt significantly more pain three months later than those in the Ventralight group did. These randomized clinical trial findings match the injury allegations made in nearly every Physiomesh claim filed to date. Since Matthew Huff filed the first Physiomesh claim in April 2016, three additional plaintiffs came forward. Each Physiomesh claim cites different painful, life-threatening complications, including: bowel obstruction, mesh adhesion, intestinal fistula, abdominal abscess and organ perforation. Hernia recurrence may be the most common Physiomesh side effect, but many plaintiffs’ injuries are permanent as well as life-changing.

    Injured patients now accuse Ethicon Physiomesh manufacturer Johnson & Johnson of:

    • knowingly marketing a defective device
    • breach of warranty
    • negligence for failing to properly warn consumers as well as surgeons about the device’s potential injury risks

    To date, no plaintiffs have appeared in court or reached a settlement with Ethicon Physiomesh’s manufacturer, Johnson & Johnson. The first Physiomesh claim heads to trial in Illinois on January 22, 2018.

    An Experienced Lawyer Can Make Filing Your Physiomesh Claim Easier

    If either you or a loved one experienced serious Ethicon Physiomesh hernia patch complications, you may have a case. Over 50,000 pelvic mesh cases are pending against Physiomesh manufacturer Johnson & Johnson, and the injury allegations are eerily similar. Both devices contain sterile mesh, and surgeons implant them in order to reinforce weakened muscle tissue. Therefore, any large-scale TVM financial settlements may influence court rulings on any Physiomesh claim in the near-future. To see if you may have an eligible Physiomesh claim, click the button below now to start your free case review. Once you’ve submitted your information, an attorney will contact you to discuss your case.

    Check your eligibility for compensation.

    If you or a loved one experienced serious hernia mesh complications, you may qualify for compensation from the manufacturer. Request your free case evaluation now to see if you may qualify.

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