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    Investigators Find Dangerous Low Testosterone Medication Side Effects

    low testosterone medication

    Millions of men take low testosterone medication to increase their libido, muscle mass and energy levels. However, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) issued warnings about increased risk for potentially life-threatening low testosterone medication complications.

    The FDA investigated low testosterone medications to see if they increased risk for stroke, heart attack and death. The agency acted after two separate studies  found an increased risk for cardiovascular events in men taking low testosterone medication.

    Reported Low Testosterone Medication Complications Include Heart Attacks, Strokes

    Zekman noted commercials and advertisements for low testosterone medication (i.e., AndroGel) encourage men to try them. Edward Downes was looking to increase his energy and libido when he saw a low testosterone medication commercial. He thought it would be good for him, so he decided to try it out. After using AndroGel for two years, Downes suffered a stroke that he blames on the low testosterone medicatiom. Downes said he was in a lot of pain and felt dizzy as well as confused. He’s still recovering and plans to sue AndroGel’s manufacturer, AbbVie, due to undisclosed low testosterone medication side effects.

    Downes’ lawyer told CBS the company failed to provide adequate warnings on AndroGel’s packaging and in TV ads. Downes says if he’d known about the heart damage risks involved, he never would have tried AndroGel.

    Manufacturers Deny Low Testosterone Medication Risks

    AndroGel’s manufacturer, AbbVie, issued a statement defending AndroGel. AbbVie asserts that it has more than a decade of clinical data proving the product is safe for consumers. In addition, AbbVie insists they clearly documented any product risks on AndroGel’s label.

    The Public Citizen’s Health Research Group petitioned the FDA, requesting that each low testosterone medication carry a stronger warning label. The advocacy group says that new labels should clearly warn consumers about increased cardiovascular event risks.

    “The FDA as of now is reckless in not warning doctors and patients in this country of the increased risks of heart attacks when using testosterone,” Dr. Sidney Wolfe, Public Citizen’s founder, told the source.

    Men who had a stroke, heart attack or other cardiac event while taking low-t drugs may qualify for compensation. To see if you may be eligible for a cash settlement, complete your free compensation review form now. Once we’ve received your information, an experienced advocate will call you to discuss your compensation options.

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