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xarelto settlementXarelto® (generic name: rivaroxaban) is a prescription blood thinner that helps reduce stroke and blood clot risks. Unfortunately, many Xarelto patients have already been hospitalized due to serious internal bleeding. Thousands of Xarelto lawsuits are now pending against the Janssen Pharmaceuticals (a subsidiary company of Johnson & Johnson) and Bayer. In December 2017, Lynn Hartman won the first Xarelto settlement totaling $28 million in damages. More Xarelto bellwether trials head to court in spring 2018.

Settled Pradaxa MDL Offers Plaintiffs Hope of Xarelto Settlement

Plaintiffs’ injury claims against Xarelto are strikingly similar to those made against another new wave blood thinner called Pradaxa (dabigatran). In May 2014, Pradaxa manufacturer Boehringer Ingelheim agreed to pay $650 million in order to settle 4,000 lawsuits. Each Pradaxa case won approximately $160,000 (on average). Lawyers close to current rivaroxaban litigation now predict a similar Xarelto settlement amount — if the court rules in their favor.

Court documents from the Pradaxa MDL show Boehringer execs tried to quash an internal research paper supporting regular blood tests. After all, such evidence would undermine the drug’s marketing claims of no need for routine monitoring (unlike longstanding favorite warfarin). According to clinical program director Paul A. Reilly’s research paper, certain patients absorb too little Pradaxa to effectively prevent strokes. Yet another patient segment absorbs too much of the anticoagulant, putting them at higher risk for serious internal bleeding. Clearly, these findings disturbed Boehringer enough to suppress them from public view. Pradaxa lawsuits alleged that Boehringer Ingleheim did not adequately warn patients about the drug’s potential risk for severe internal bleeding. Since financial compensation was reached in previous Pradaxa cases, current claimants hope to win a similar Xarelto settlement.

Pradaxa, Xarelto Lawsuits Share Eerily Similar Injuries & Allegations

In June 2014, a Florida widow filed a lawsuit claiming her husband died of a subdural hemorrhage while taking Xarelto. Her husband started taking Xarelto in January 2012 to treat atrial fibrillation, then suffered the subdural hemorrhage in June 2013. Despite medical treatment, he died five days later. Her lawsuit also states that “Defendants concealed their knowledge that Xarelto® can cause life threatening, irreversible bleeds from the Decedent, other consumers, the general public, and the medical community.” Stuntebeck and other plaintiffs say Xarelto’s manufacturer didn’t properly inform doctors about the risk of uncontrolled bleeding or how to stabilize patients if it occurs. Additionally, they claim that Xarelto’s marketing is inaccurate and misleading. As anyone can see, plaintiffs filing claims against Pradaxa and Xarelto share eerily similar injuries as well as lawsuit allegations.

In October 2015, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration granted accelerated approval for Boehringer’s reversal agent, Praxbind® (idarucizumab). During emergency surgery or an uncontrolled bleeding episode, patients are given Praxbind to reverse Pradaxa’s anticoagulant effect. While both medications are Factor Xa inhibitors, Praxbind is not an effective Xarelto antidote. Without an approved reversal agent, Xarelto patients risk serious internal bleeding — and even death.

Injured Xarelto Patients Accuse Drug Makers of Negligence

Kentucky resident Virginia Stuntebeck sued Bayer in February 2014. One year earlier, a hospital admitted the plaintiff for severe gastrointestinal bleeding while taking Xarelto. “As the manufacturers and distributors of Xarelto, defendants knew or should have known that Xarelto use was associated with irreversible bleeds,” said Stuntebeck’s complaint. And as Xarelto prescriptions rise, adverse event reports are increasing at an equally distressing rate. The Institute of Safe Medication Practices found Xarelto “accounted for more reports than any other drug” in Q2 of 2016. Xarelto currently has 17.5% of the prescription anticoagulant market share, but there’s still no approved antidote in sight. As a result, thousands of claims like Stuntebeck’s across the U.S. are now heading to court, demanding a Xarelto settlement.

Bellwether Trial Awards Plaintiff Lynn Hartman $28 Million Xarelto Settlement

In December 2017, a Philadelphia jury ordered Bayer and Janssen to pay plaintiff Lynn Hartman a $27.8 million Xarelto settlement. Both drug manufacturers agreed to pay Hartman $26 million in punitive and $1.8 million in compensatory damages. While the companies say they plan to appeal this verdict, it offers hope for plaintiffs in four additional upcoming bellwether trials. These bellwether trials will direct the class action’s future litigation strategy, which includes 21,000 plaintiffs seeking a Xarelto settlement.

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